Advantage through leading-edge technology

STG develops and manufactures all types of core metal inserts, internally and according to customer wishes.

We also produce the tools required in this regard in our own workshops, meaning that we are able to react rapidly and flexibly to changes and challenges. Furthermore, we manufacture the requisite machinery and production equipment in the field of lanced carriers in-house.

This guarantees the constant use of leading-edge technology, with which to cater for the demands of the market.

Our company sites abroad also receive all of the necessary equipment and materials from the central facilities in Altdorf, in order that STG products around the world can be produced with consistent quality and characteristics.

All of the improvements and innovations that take place within the group are constantly and comprehensively made available to the other group members for integration into the production process.

In this way we ensure that the customer receives consistently high quality products from STG every time, regardless of his location.

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