About us

Langfang LWB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture company , our concept is : quality is our brand, innovation is our target.

We have rich experience and long history in rubber machinery and plastic industry. The secret of success for Langfang LWB Machinery Co., Ltd. is: close to customer, stimulate staff , flexible, innovate, provide high-quality products. Our comprehension for quality is : only customer satisfied can we rest assured.

We closely cooperate with customers and raw material suppliers, targeted for the innovation on carrier of sealing strip skeleton, provide high-quality and competitive products. We choose reliable suppliers for sealing skeleton and rubber and plastic machinery, seriously produce skeleton carrier and timely deliver products.

Our advantage-- Your competitive advantage:

  • Self-designed tool and manufacture
  • Product Innovation
  • Cost optimizing management for all production process
  • Only purchase raw material from approved suppliers
  • Optimizing new products' technical process
  • Metal carrier, non-coated carrier, coated carrier, coated aluminum carrier, non-coated aluminum carrier
  • Approved by quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 In 2008

STG sealing strip carrier -- new-style components for sealling system

Langfang LWB Machinery Co., Ltd. is the developer and manufacturer for sealing strip carrier , the structure for carrier is special support, which injected into rubber and plastic then increase the strength and elasticity, applied in auto industry ( sealling¡¢edge protection¡¢ decoration£©.

Langfang LWB Machinery Co., Ltd. is the accessory products' supplier for the main auto factory, High-quality products make a significant contribution in sealing dust-proof, water-proof and noise reduction for various motor vehicles.

STG is Headquartered in Altdorf/Landshut/Germany, about 20 minutes' drives away from Munich airport, STG established branch in America¡¢Canada¡¢Mexico¡¢Brazil and China to meet global needs in auto industry.

STG and LWB Germany ( Landshuter WERKZEUGBAU) which are the sister companies who own 50 years' experience in rubber and plastic processing, the two closely cooperate when carring out customer solution, not only produce skeleton carrier, but also produce advanced rubber and plastic injection machine.

In 2009, STG established production line for sealing strip carrier in China, of which products based on each domestic customer' need to develop¡¢produce and deliery.

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